In Need Of A Hero – Short Story

Aya huffed and opened the fiction book she had brought with her. She was going to take the higher path and ignore the idiots that wanted her to do all the work for the group project. Aya refused to be a pushover any more. She’d do her fair share but not everyone else's work too, that was an absurd notion. It didn’t matter if she might have done it another time, Aya had reached the end of her patience for it...


Are You Yawning? – Short Story

“Are you yawning?” “Sorry, long night. You have no idea how hard it is to get a baby griffin to sleep. Mind if I grab a coffee?” “Grab a coffee? Where do you think we are?” The Villain looked around at the decimated warehouse they’d ended up in during their fight

Think Before You Ink – Short Story

“Welcome to Think Before You Ink your local wizarding tattoo parlour” The parrot said when I pushed open the door. I had been hoping to sneak in while the wizard was busy but luck is for other people apparently. The shop was clean, always a good sign when you're thinking of letting someone permanently scar your body. Pastel and dark blues covered the walls, and stationed around the room were bright clear lights so the whole shop have off a sense of calm and professionalism.

Welcome To Crisis – Short Story – “Welcome” Series Part 4

“So how did you join the Resistance?” Ravi asked Petite. The strain evident on his face as he navigated out of H for H space belied the casual tone of his voice but he’d noticed Petite’s leg bouncing, the stress emanating from her. Blue might be dying, the Resistance weren’t sure if they would help, whether the value of Petite’s engineering experience and the information they had been sent out to gather were worth the risk of helping.