My Proposal Story and Hiatus Warning

B & I have been dating since 2013. We were living together (alone) from 2015 and had discussed the prospect of marriage. So 2016 happened and I had (what I thought was) a steady job so I started looking for engagement rings.


Both Alike In Dignity – Short Story

“You will decide as a class what scenes are the most important and how you want to portray them – be that traditionally, gender swapped, in a modern fashion, and so on. Last year we did Hamlet and they set it all as a pride of lions” “Do you think she knows that’s just The Lion King or no?”

Cubed – Short Story

Xe stepped up to the microphone. The lights lit up the stage. The rest of the band started to play and xe opened xyr mouth to sing. Their choreography was perfect, as it was every performance. Each member of the band was so in sync with one another. Xe let xyr hair fly around and xyr hips move like liquid. Xe caressed the microphone and let the waves of pleasure energy wash over xem. Once the set was over xe grinned at xyr bandmates. Alexander, the bassist was letting the energy rush settle before he headed to pack away the amp. Sinta, the drummer was already lifting the heaviest of her equipment, the power rush would only last so long and she liked to move her drums before she was back to regular strength. Harry, the lead guitarist was kissing his boyfriend, sharing the energy rush with his human.  

Coping With Stress – Unwarranted Advice

MCM has just happened and EternityLivesForever and I managed to pull together a pair of cosplays in under a month (link to my 1 month cosplay post), my wedding is in 5 weeks, I've got a friend's birthday and the same friend is planning some wedding-related scheme in a couple of weekends, between all that and my short contract life is getting pretty stressful, good job I've got my handy-dandy 5 step plan.