Cosplay Things To Remember

Here’s a few of the things I think everyone should bear in mind when cosplaying. (this list will be updated as and when I think of more relevant things)

  1. You don’t have to take everything off
    I’m talking about piercings, engagement/wedding rings, etc
    I’ve got my right ear pierced and I use that if a character has an ear piercing (even if its technically the wrong ear for the character). I also just swap down for my smallest and most inconspicuous earring when the character has no piercings because if I took my earring out for the whole day I would have to repierce it at night and I am not willing to do that. Ditto with EternityLivesForever and her eyebrow, nose, and 5 in each ear piercings.
  2. You also don’t have to cover everything up
    Like tattoos, people have tattoos, get over it!
    I mean EternityLivesForever and I have tried every tutorial we’ve seen to cover tattoos, we’ve tried foundation, we’ve tried the lipstick thing (that was weird), it doesn’t work for us
  3. Sometimes no matter how hard to try your hair will come down from under the wig, you just have to do your best to fix it, power through, and see if you can find some good editing software (I use picmonkey)
  4. Wig caps aren’t for everyone – they’re great if you can use them but they can cause headaches and I simply cannot use them at all
  5. Your feet will hurt at convention. Fact.
  6. If you make videos, make sure you do at least 2 takes every time
  7. Check your camera angles – We were going to make a musical series but the camera angle fell and cut off all of our heads. Always check between takes!
  8. Don’t be afraid to take a gazillion takes (Don’t Mess With Pirate England fight scene (maybe 20 seconds) took like 7 takes – and that’s after the sword broke)
  9. Take as many photos as you can! At convention, at meets, just cosplay trialing. Take all the pictures!
  10. People will ask you questions about your cosplay and make comments on your cosplay
    1. At convention/events – where people seem to think its okay to grade cosplay, ignore these people they’re needlessly picky and mean, enjoy yourself, be proud of what you have made. It really doesn’t matter if your earring is in the “wrong ear” or your humanised Pikachu “Doesn’t have any stripes”
    2. On public transport – I tend to tell people its ‘for work/school’ on weekdays and ‘costume party’ on weekends, its easier than explaining ‘I’m going to a cosplay convention’ ‘oh what’s that’ … -.- … ‘it’s a cosplay convention?’ That is not to say that you should feel any shame in telling people that you’re going to a cosplay convention and as cosplay becomes more and more mainstream it gets more likely that people will realise what you’re doing or know what a cosplay convention is
  11. Its always worth gravitating towards other cosplayers on your way to events, but you don’t have to trust their directions if you know which way you want to go
  12. Its always nice to let people tag along on the way to a convention
  13. Cosplay meets can be fun but if you’re not enjoying yourself then there’s nothing wrong with just leaving and continuing with your day.
  14. You’re allowed to say you don’t want someone to take a photo of you!
  15. If you don’t like the pictures then you don’t have to post them, but even if they look bad at least you can see a visual reminder that you went
  16. If you go in a group try to make sure you have pictures of you all together, even if it’s a selfie. People around you are usually willing to take some pictures for you, don’t be afraid to ask
  17. Don’t be afraid to talk to people. See a really cool cosplay? “Hey can I have a picture?” Interested in buying something? “Hey how much is that?” Want a picture of yourself with somebody else “Hey, could you take a picture of us?” – I know it can be easier said than done but it’s definitely worth trying.
  18. Finally, and most importantly,
    Cosplay Is For Having Fun!

Go forth and enjoy

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