Humanisation – Alternative Cosplay

  So you’ve got a character you really want to cosplay, that’s great! Only problem is that the character you’ve chosen isn’t humanoid… So what are your options? Option 1, make an extremely elaborate costume that matches what the character looks like exactly/wear a onesie (don’t ask me about my onesie vendetta)   Option 2, … Continue reading Humanisation – Alternative Cosplay


Short Story: Let’s try running for now

“So I’m gonna” she gestured at the fire escape which had been her entrance. Greta never locked it when she was inside the flat, with acquaintances like hers it paid to have two easy exits. Greta nodded her understanding and Julchen turned to leave “or not” she backed away from the window quickly, locking it as she went. “There appears to be a very angry blonde man climbing up here”