Cosplay Basics: How I actually build it!

So you’ve seen my Lets Build A Sailor Scout: Sailor Uranus series (and if you haven’t click because this whole thing is a link)

And you’ll see more of the Let’s Builds in the future (Yuri Plisetsky, and Sailor Star Maker are both on my list of possibilities right now)

That’s all well and good but how do I actually gather together this stuff that I use?

There are several answers so let’s go through part by part using a cosplay I completed fairly recently (*cough* a year ago *cough*)



As you can see, Fenris is a very typically built Nopoodles cosplay. Half bought and put together, half hand crafted lovingly.

Top to bottom

Wig – I got this off a cosplay website (for Prussia – Hetalia), as a gift. We used to use a high street wig shop when we were at university, but now I mostly buy my wigs from Amazon

Facepaint – It’s Snazaroo (when you have sensitivities like mine finding a brand you trust is almost always worth the price you pay for it). Snazaroo have their own website but you can also get it off Amazon, eBay, and in some high street shops that specialise in costume/gothic stuff

T-shirt & Jeans – my favourite places to go for cosplay stuff include anywhere cheap (I’ve got knee high socks from pound shops) places like Primark and Amazon are always good to hit. I try to do Charity Shops first but there is no guarantee with charity shops and nowhere quite measures up to my old favourite place.

Shield – I made that from cardboard from a box that an amazon delivery came in (we keep some around for cosplay and for Artemis and Zevran to munch on or play with), and paint that I bought from a high street store (Wilkos, although if you can get to/afford Hobbycraft that’s good too. If we need craft foam, Hobbycraft is always the place to go)

Finger Armour/rings – I got these from Claires Accessories (and I’m not ashamed to admit it), Claires usually has sales on and you can get loads of good costume jewellery from there for pretty cheap – do make sure you shop during sales though.

Wrist sash – In this case it is from a t-shirt that I bought to make the R’s for my Team Rocket Grunt cosplay because a t-shirt was cheaper than buying material and I didn’t need very much. Most of the time, however, I’ll look for a fabric shop – and if I can’t find one I will go to…. Amazon!

Boots – 9 times out of 10 I use shoes I own. I very rarely buy costume shoes because I have a desire to be comfortable (and shoes are expensive) but when I need them (like for Uranus, Sailor Star Maker, Ariel) I go to discount shoe shops and (you guessed it ) Amazon.


Time to be Savvy

A Lot of cosplay building is being savvy with your money and your time. I’ve been building some cosplays so long that I ended up abandoning them and others that I am so close to finishing if I could just find That Last Component! I use my free time (read: When I’m bored and alone) to trawl through amazon/ebay/etsy/google to see if I can find the kind of thing I’m looking for, especially if I can find it cheap.

I’ve been building my Sailor Star Maker cosplay for over 3 years (why do you think I don’t post many Let’s Builds?) and I’ve only just managed to gather all (but one piece…..) of the things I need to actually start building. And I’ve lost some in the move away from university (which I refuse to buy again because I got it when it was on sale).

Things To Remember

  • Be sure to shop around
  • Don’t be afraid of holding off if you think you can get something better or cheaper elsewhere
  • Stick To Your Budget (yes those shoes are perfect but they’re £50 and your entire budget is £50!)
  • Don’t be afraid to reuse thing you’ve got for other cosplay
  • Don’t give yourself a time limit unless you’ve gathered your materials first

A final note: This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way (except by Zevran and Artemis)
If you have any new places for me to look for cosplay stuff shoot me a message or a comment at any of the links below.

Enjoy your cosplay!

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