Welcome To The Alliance – Short Story – “Welcome” Series Epilogue

Parts 1-4 here

The Resistance Base hadn’t been expecting the attack. They’d heard about the attacks on the Humans for Humanity base and the Cyborg Rebellion base. They’d expected that to be the end of it.

“Yours was more of a challenge” the cyb’ in front of Toria said. She stared up at them from her position in her council room chair. “With the H for H we could use the disruptors, the CR we could easily infiltrate but you… you knew us before we started this. That’s kind of the beauty though, we knew you were doing it wrong because we’ve seen you”

“Wrong?” Toria asked, taking in the appearance of the cyb’ in front of her. They were different than they had been, still choppy-haired and perfect but now their hair was blue, and they wore their bands with pride, allowing themself to be denoted as a cyb’ with no attempt to hide it.

“You started on the right path, we all did Toria but somewhere along the way the Resistance stopped being for everyone and started being just another faction in the war. We never wanted the war. Nobody did”

“I wasn’t trying to make the war. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to manage a whole Resistance movement?”

“I did, when I started the Resistance.” The head movement was very cybernetic, too jerky for what Toria knew of this Cyborg. “Do you remember that Toria? You were struggling for a job, struggling to make rent since cybes did most of the manual labour jobs, and people… humans can be discriminatory. It’s not your fault. You were in a sucky place, and you ended up in an even suckier one.” The cyb’ smiled “but I have a whole host of options for you now. If you’re willing to step down peacefully. If you’re willing to join the Alliance.”

“There are days” Ravi told the military leader currently held at gunpoint “that I remember how I used to be. All I wanted was a safe place to raise a family. I joined the military to make that a reality. It’s a shame the message got warped along the way. Here’s the thing Sytono.” Ravi shook his mech’ wrist, allowing the holo-screen Petite had installed to shine up and connect with the Military radio and screen system. “My name is Ravi Simtiv” he stated clearly “I am a Re-An. A Re-Animated person. I died, and was brought back by the military. As you can see from my records as posted to all military screens right now, I was a hero of war, and I died in an attack gone wrong. I also had a DNRA – Do Not Re-Animate. The military isn’t listening to it’s people, it does not represent the views of the general populace.” He looked at Sytono again “I am giving you, Sytono, one chance to join the Alliance, or we will take this base and all the others by force”

“I used to make you guys” Petite said, as she tried not to tremble in fear of the violence contained within the cybes surrounding her. She was a human, an engineer, and had snuck into their base. It had been her idea of course. No cyb’ really trusted an outsider and Petite had the most to offer. “I worked on a load actually, and then when I was in the Resistance I worked on a lot more” she laughed “I’m offering a gift.” She held out the small devices. They looked like a handful of bracelets. “port-chargers. They run on solar power and can be adapted to charge any and all of you. I’m offering you these so you don’t run on the mainframe anymore. So you can each grow individually like Gen Alpha-3 did when The Crash happened. The Alliance is offering a gift in exchange for your assistance.”

“That went a lot better than I was expecting” Petite admitted as she flopped down on the pile of blankets on the floor. They had got rid of the cots that had ended up stained with Blue’s mechanical fluid.

“What were you expecting?”

“Oh, death, mostly for me” Petite shrugged as she shuffled around trying to get comfortable.

“I had to shoot someone” Ravi grumbled as he emerged from the bathroom. His hair was wet from a shower but he settled into the blanket pile anyway. “But after that it went swimmingly” his voice was bitter

“You’re both whiney today” Blue settled between them “we made history! That’s gotta count for something”

“I’d like to stop making history now” Ravi sighed “But with you two around that’s probably not going to happen.”


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Part 1 – Welcome To Your New Life – Ravi has been Re-Animated, brought back to life by the government, but nobody will tell him why… well, not until he meets an odd pair of renegades calling themselves “The Resistance”

Part 2 – Welcome To Your Old Life – The Resistance work is never done. Ravi, Petite, and Blue are sent of on another mission. This time they have to infiltrate an H for H Neighbourhood and, of course, things are never as easy as they should be.

Part 3 – Welcome To Reset – Blue’s very life is in jeopardy, as some H for H scientists try to crush the individuality from them with repeated resets. Will they escape or will they be reset and labelled a ‘service bot’ once more?

Part 4 – Welcome To Crisis – Blue is still on the verge of non-existence, death by any other name. To distract Petite from her fear and grief Ravi asks how she joined the Resistance.

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