Thirsty – Flash Fiction – Sage & Leo: Recompense 4

If blood squicks you out, I’d skip this section of Sage & Leo’s stories

*Leo had never thought about how a modern vampire might source their food, until it become relevant.*

This is part 4 of Sage & Leo’s stories, it’s not necessary to read them in order, each should be able ot be enjoyed as a stand alone, but big pictures a better so here’s a link to where to find all of them.

For the first time since he’d moved in, Sage’s fangs flashed at him, a golden tint to their normally grey eyes.

Leo held up his hands in a universal gesture of surrender, backing away from the still running vacuum cleaner. He dipped to turn off the plug as Sage’s fangy snarl turned to it more than him.

The ensuing silence was deafening.

Sage pressed their own hand against their face. “Sorry, I’m sorry. My butcher is sick and I can’t find another one and…”

“Your butcher?”

“The one I buy my blood from.”

“You buy blood from a butcher?”

“What did you think I did? Snack on my tenants? Yeah just sign this paperwork that says you can rent out a suite in my refurnished pseudo-ancestral home, it only costs a little a month, discount if you’re willing to let me snack on you?”

A surprised laugh escaped Leo. “No, but…”

“But?” Sage squinted at him, eyes turned back to their normal grey but their hand still ocvering theiir mouth.

“I didn’t realise you could get enough nutrients from animal blood. Unless you’re eating the butcher.”

“I’m not eating Adam. And it’s like one of those human diets, I have to add supplements to make up for missing nutrients but I much prefer it to the process of finding someone who consents to being snacked on and going through the process of actually snacking. Sometimes the blood bank will send me the blood they can’t use.”

“They can’t use?”

“It’s too caffeinated, it’s not got enough iron, it’s not a full bag – that kind of thing.”

“You’re really on top of this.”

“I’ve been doing it a long time.” Again they covered their face. “Ughhh. It there any chance you can go be somewhere else for a bit? I feel like I’m dying and your heart is pounding like a bass beat in EDM.”

“Quite the similie.”


Leo slipped past, ducking out of the flat and into the dim sunlight. Sage really could not have picked a nicer neighbourhood for a vampire. There was plenty of shade, it rarely got sunny enough to pose them any threat – not that Sage would burst into flames under the sun like those satirical movies, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience either.

Maybe he should have offered up his own blood for Sage to drink in the moment. They needed blood to survive and it would hardly hurt him to do it, what with werewolf enhanced healing. But the thought of it scared him. Would it hurt? Would it feel good? Would it leave him out of commission? Would his fellow ‘wolves be able to tell when he finally returned to his pack mere moons from now? Would he be fundamentally changed as a person?

As he wandered, a smell caught his attention. He followed his instincts and the smell until he found himself in a butcher’s shop. A pretty blonde lady behind the counter greeted him with a wide smile. “What can I get for you?”

“Do you do blood?”

She raised an eyebrow. “For what purpose?”

“For a vampire to drink.”

She sighed. “Let me see what we’ve got.”


“I really hope you have somewhere to store all this, Sage,” Leo announced as he kneed the door the rest of the way open, hands full with the crate from the butcher’s filled with cup after cup of various animals’ bloods.

Sage peeked up from under a blanket wrapped over them like a cape – the same blanket they had offered Leo for every post-full moon so far.

Something in Leo’s chest lifted at the sight of it wrapped around Sage.

“What the…?”

“I got every animal imaginable and the butcher also said you can use coconut water in an emergency so I got some of that too.”

Sage laughed. “How…? Why…? What?”

Leo hefted the crate onto the counter and tipped a cup of blood into Sage’s favourite tumbler, sitting neatly on the draining board where he’d left it that morning. He held the tumbler out and Sage took it, wrapping their lips around the straw in a way that had ferrets wrestling in Leo’s stomach. He looked away. What was that feeling? Fear? Something else he didn’t want to name?

“You needed it, so I went looking.”

“But…” Sage’s shoulders dropped into a relaxed state. “Thank you. You have no idea how much I… thank you.”


“You mean any time in the next few months.”

Leo paused. He licked his lips. “Where do you want this blood to be stored?”

Sage pushed up from the couch but didn’t remove their blanket-cape. “Hmm, some can go in the chest freezer and the rest in the fridge I guess?”

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