Heritage – Flash Fiction, World Letter Writing Day

Keep the child content, keep them alive and, most importantly, keep them away from anything resembling magic. If their magic is activated before the crown prince, it will ruin the lineage of our kingdom. To this end I have enclosed a pair of adjustable magic dampening cuffs.

Don’t ask me again why we can’t just kill the child! For a start, we might need them, should anything happen to the legitimate heir to the throne, the magic will not allow for someone not of the correct lineage to take the crown. If something happens to Lien, we need the opportunity to stumble upon this child as if they are a miracle. Or, at the very least, we can force their hand, pull them into the castle and let someone puppet them on the throne – should this course of action be necessary, your input would be very much appreciated as the person tasked with raising the child.

For second, this is still my child, illegitimate or not and I still care for them, even though I cannot risk to keep them with me.

And finally, the magic would announce a death of an heir most clearly, do you really want to explain to the kingdom why exactly the skies have turned red with mourning? I didn’t think so!

As to why I want you to keep them content? Simple, a content child won’t ask questions, a beaten down one will. Worse still, an unhappy child might run and that would put them out of our control. I am entrusting this difficult and vital task to you because I believe, if anyone can manage this it’s you.

Finally, don’t forget to destroy this letter once you’ve read it. It wouldn’t do to have the child stumbling upon it – or anyone else for that matter.

Your loyalty is always appreciated.


P.S. Don’t forget to name them something beginning with K – your choice.

*Sage & Leo will be back next week*

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