World Letter Writing Day Compliation

Epistolatory stories can be a lot of fun to write but they’re definitely also a challenge. On the other hand, using a letter as a plot device, even one you don’t necessarily get to read can be a lot of fun in its own right too.

Either way, for World Letter Writing Day I thought I’d compile my letter-related short stories for you.

But wait, it’s only 6:30 in the morning, your normally post at 6:30 in the evening! (My local time)

Yes. Here’s the thing. You’re getting a whole second post today, specifically a story centred around letters. I hope you enjoy both.

Unti I See You Again

Tempest is stuck in a hell dimension (with their twin sister, eek!) and it looks like it’s going to take a while to get out, which means they’re definitely going to miss the Blossom Festival and their chance to see Malior.

Fantasy, LGBTQIA+, Tabletop gaming story

Across The Stars, Across The void, Forever

Star crossed lovers, quite literally, Kaylax and Biyor can’t be together, no matter how much they might want to. So, of course, they are anyway, they just have to keep it a secret.


Lost Love Letter

Being immortal comes with some challenges. Lovers come and go, as they do for mortals. The part that kind of sucks is when your sappy, juvenile love letter ends up in a museum. Worse still, you’re on a tour where they read out the more… explicit aspects of what you intended to do with said lover.

Urban Fantasy, LGBTQIA+

And, a teaser for tonight’s letter-based flash fiction: Heritage – as much as I clearly enjoy a good love letter (go figure for someone who writes their wife a love note for almost every day of work), Heritage is a letter about keeping secrets. I hope you’ll come back tonight and read it.

And if you’re thinking “But, Will, what about Sage & Leo? Don’t tell me you’ve done the thing where you started a series of stories that you never finished, again!” Don’t worry, Sage & Leo will be back next week. Their entire story is pre-written becuase I specifically wanted to avoid doing the thing where I get distracted and forget to finish a series. And, since you asked nicely, have a preview of that too:

“You smell like vamp,” alpha said.
“You made me live with one for twelve moons,” Leo retorted.
Alpha raised an eyebrow.

Packed – Sage & Leo: Recompense Part 7

Do you have any epistolatory stories you favour? Have you ever written one?

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