Piratical Compilation – Talk Like A Pirate Day

Is there anything I enjoy more than a well created pirate? (I was about to say good but we like our pirates morally variable in this house)

I’ve done pirate cosplays, had a pirate theme to my wedding, I even have a pirate novel series in the works.

But for this Talk Like A Pirate Day I’m keeping things simple. A compilation of all the pirate stories I’ve written so far. A quick note that some of these stories are from a long time back, back when I didn’t know better and I hope I’ve improved. But there’s often scarce pirate fiction to be found, so let’s make the best of what we have.

Question (2018)

Izzy had been captured by Pirates almost a week ago now. She had been trussed up and tied in some room or other, blindfolded. She supposed these bandits or pirates or whoever they were would want to ransom her back to her family, unfortunately for them all Izzy’s family was a lot poorer than they had been making out.

You Naval Types Are Always The Same (2018)

You know how pirates are, they barge onto naval ships, threaten the crew, and steal their women and youngsters

Having A Ball (2018)

Sometimes Pirates don’t get to swashbuckle on their ships, sometimes they have to infiltrate high society and, worse still, formal balls.

A Pitch Black Ship (2019)

Johannes is an average sailor whose life is forever changed when his ship is beseiged by pirates. But at least he didn’t die

Turns out it’s been a while since I wrote and shared any piratical short stories. I should probably rectify that. If you’ll excuse me, I have pirate non-novel stories to think up.

(And if you’re still here for Sage & Leo: Recompense there’s more coming this Thursday and then next Thursday marks the end of their story)

Let me know your favourite pirate pieces of media (it doesn’t have to be short stories)

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