Lovelorn – Flash Fiction – Sage & Leo: Recompense 9

Sage & Leo’s story started with Recompense, you can find the full collection here and, while they’re best enjoyed in order, you absolutely can just enjoy this singular piece of the bigger picture. Think of it like enjoying a cake at an afternoon tea.

*Signs of being Lovelorn in a werewolf should never be ignored, even if it means inviting a vampire into their midst. And Leo can’t bring himself to leave his room….*

“He’s acting like he’s lovelorn,” Raffi’s unmistakable voice sounded from outside Leo’s room, rousing Leo from his half-dozing state. Somehow this month’s fullmoon was lingering with him a litt.e He missed ice cream and chips with Sage. He even missed their incomprehensible scifi TV series that always seemed to pop on after the full moon. He misssed cuddling up with them for as long as he wanted to, only interrupted to refill snack containers, including Sage’s disgusting blood-cereal concoctions. Still, he was where he was supposed to be: with the pack. He just needed a little more time to get used to it.

“We haven’t seen anyone lovelorn in centuries,” alpha replied. “Who would he be lovelorn over?”

“That’s the thing,” Raffi said, “I can’t figure it out.”

“Who has he been spending time with?”

“Nobody. He’s been keeping to himself since he got back from…” Raffi trailed off.

“That bloodsucker must have done something to him!” alpha growled.

“But what?”

“I don’t know, but I have every intention of finding out!”


“Hey sleepy.” The voice was like a tonic, soothing over Leo’s nerves like a hand smoothing down ruffled fur.

Leo peeked out of his nest of blankets.

The illogical nature of a vampire standing in his room within the pack grounds didn’t change the fact that Sage was, in fact, lingering in the doorway of his room, silhouetted by the lights from the corridor behind them creating an eerie and angelic glow around them.

“Can I come in?” they asked.

“Okay,” Leo croaked.

Sage pressed the door closed behind them, shoulders shifting with a breath. They leaned their back against the closed door. “Your alpha thinks I did something to you. Something bad. Something that hurt you. Did I?”


Sage stepped forward, as if compelled. Leo let out a little whine. Sage stumbled to a halt one mere step closer. “Then what happened? You’re clearly not okay.”

“I don’t know.” He buried his face back into the interior of his nest, inhaling the old and faded scent that was left of Sage on the blanket at the interior most point, closest to his skin.

Sage stepped forward again, perching on the edge of the bed next to him. “They’re worried about you. Worried enough to invite a dangerous bloodsucker into their territory.”

“You’re not a dangerous bloodsucker.”

“I am to them.”

“You came here.”

“I had to make sure you were okay.”

“No, you came before.” Before the last full moon when Sage had stood at the gates and alpha had not let them enter. When they had said nothing was worth the struggle of arguing with a werewolf alpha. When they had walked away without even asking about Leo.

“Ah, you saw that?”

Leo nodded.

“I…” They blew out a long breath. “I missed you. I know that’s probably silly and you probably haven’t even thought about me since returning to your pack, but I did. It’s lonely without you. And I have to clean my own brownie pans.”

A little laugh escaped Leo at that. “You should clean your own brownie pans.”

“I’ve been investigating the prospect of a dishwasher.”

“You wouldn’t need me then,” Leo squeaked.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Sage leaned over to rest against Leo. “Wouldn’t it mean more if I didn’t?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, if I asked you to leave your pack and come live with me, wouldn’t it mean more if I wanted you to do it just because I wanted it, not because I’ve got used to you being there but because I like your presence. It isn’t that I want you to come back and do my dishes again; it’s just that I want you to come back? I want to go out on our full moon playtimes. I want to cuddle you all day after. I want…” Sage sighed. “Sorry. I shouldn’t—”

“You want me to come back?”

“I would never try to tear you away from your pack.”


“Yes. I want you to come back. I want you to live with me. I want to introduce you to more scifi you don’t really like.”



“Yes. I want to come back.”

Just one last installment of Sage & Leo to go now. See you next week.

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