About Me

Author of Merry Arlan: Breaking The Curse (eBook, Signed Paperback, Amazon link)

Will is absolutely not secretly 14 cats in a pair of dinosaur dungarees. They’re a completely human writer, cosplayer and unwarranted advice giver.

Will has been writing stories since they could string together sentences, and constructing them since well before. Even in this day and age, they’re never found far from a notebook, preferring to scribble ideas down long form – it’s the dyslexia.

As a cosplayer, Will enjoys making costumes and roleplaying a character. It’s like dressing up for grown-ups! One step down is playing too many Table Top Gaming campaigns. No costumes but still all play.

Problems are made to be solved, right? Will thinks so. They also think problems are made to be shared. And what better way to both solve and share problems than by giving advice about problems they themself have faced? Even if nobody asked for that advice.

When not writing, cosplaying, or dispensing advice, Will can usually be found at home with their equally nerdy wife and the one whirlwind of a cat that somehow escaped the dungarees.

You can find them on YouTube dispensing writing advice, on Instagram and Facebook, sign up to their mailing list for monthly updates about their books and life (and extra special pet pics), or find out more on their website WillSoulsbyMcCreath.com

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