Keeping Your Energy Up At Convention

So there are some obvious things you can do to keep your energy up at conventions such as getting a good nights sleep, eating properly, and taking regular breaks to sit and recuperate (watching panels totally counts as sitting and recuperating) but let’s be honest, you’re probably not getting a good night’s sleep, eating well, or sitting and recuperating, so what do you do?


Packing For Convention

So you’re headed to a hotel (or a friend’s house) for a weekend full of convention, how exciting is that!? Maybe you can travel by car (and therefore have plenty of space to pack your things) or maybe you’re going by public transport and need minimal baggage. If you’re wearing the same cosplay for more than one day obviously it will take up less space, if you’re wearing armour or a large piece cosplay obviously it will take up more space, so you should bear that in mind.