Cosplay Makeup Removal Tutorial

Whether you’re wearing a face full of makeup (per dare?D.A.R.E. guidelines) but usually don’t, have covered yourself in face paint, spattered yourself in fake blood, or coloured your hair with spray in dye you need to know how to get back to normal with minimal fuss (and minimal cost).


The Night Before A Convention

T'was the night before convention and all through the house Nopoodles rampages as if without plan. Speaking of plan, here's what I advise doing the night before your convention

Short Deadline Cosplay/1 Month Cosplay

EternityLivesForever and I are gearing up for May MCM which is, as of today, exactly 1 month away. As of yet we haven’t settled on a cosplay plan. We have our Sailor Scouts (Sailor Moon) but we feel like we’ve used them a little too much over the last few conventions we’ve been to. So here are my tips for making a cosplay under a deadline.

Cosplay Accuracy vs Comfort

It’s always better to think about when (time of year) and where (country, is the convention indoors or outdoors, will it have a bag area you can leave a coat?) you will be before deciding what cosplay to wear, for example, maybe think through the logic of wearing a Sailor Scout cosplay to an event at the end of November in the UK…