An Apparently Foolish Plan- Short Story

“Alfred, hold on” Harry cried, trying to staunch the bleeding. Alfred smiled up at Harry, reaching out to touch his face. “It’s not going to work sweetness” “Please! Don’t leave me! We can get through this” “Even if I could sweetness, we’ve been found out. Go. Live your life the way we wanted to together.” Harry had never moved on, not really. In the 75 years he’d lived without Alfred, he’d seen the world change, adapt, and grow but he’d never got over Alfred.


Will You Let Me? – Short Story

The Author sighed and put their head in their hands. Melody wasn’t doing what she was supposed to be doing. The Author tried to push her back into the story. If you don’t turn that way you’re going to miss your love interest. Melody balked up at the Author, shoving their pen out of the way as she chose to turn left, and not right. “I don’t want a love interest!” she harrumphed...

Question? – Short Story

Izzy had been captured by Pirates almost a week ago now. She had been trussed up and tied in some room or other, blindfolded. She supposed these bandits or pirates or whoever they were would want to ransom her back to her family, unfortunately for them all Izzy’s family was a lot poorer than they had been making out.

Are You Sober? – Short Story

Living together had its issues though, Cleo had started working as an assistant professor and had therefore started supervising seminars and even giving some lectures but she was still a party animal at heart and occasionally Cleo would go off the rails and get rip-roaringly drunkJo had, on more than one occasion, had to ring the university and excuse Cleo from lectures and teaching. She’d tried to bring it up with Cleo but Cleo would just complain that now even Jo was putting pressure on her, that is wasn’t an issue she just needed to let off steam and that maybe Jo should let off some steam of her own.

Do You Want A Biscuit? – Short Story

He stumbled through the woodland, breaking branches on bruises and broken bones and leaving a splattering of blood behind him from the sword that still stuck out of his ribs. He knew he was leaving a trail but he couldn’t bring himself to care. He found a cavern, shallow, it barely contained his massive form. He cowered in the shadows, cursing how his life had changed.