Lovelorn – Flash Fiction – Sage & Leo: Recompense 9

Sage & Leo's story started with Recompense, you can find the full collection here and, while they're best enjoyed in order, you absolutely can just enjoy this singular piece of the bigger picture. Think of it like enjoying a cake at an afternoon tea. *Signs of being Lovelorn in a werewolf should never be ignored, … Continue reading Lovelorn – Flash Fiction – Sage & Leo: Recompense 9

Wolf’s Bounty – Short Story

Serena was the best bounty hunter in the county. Part of it was her PI license, part of it was her friendly relationship with the police force, and part of it… well that was what she would describe aloud as her instinct.  And it was that instinct that had led Serena to this particular conclusion for this particular case.

Your Monarch, Your Overlord – Short Story

*The procession approaches, mandatory for all citizens to attend, its shining glittering face casting a stark contrast with the every day life of people like Henrietta* Hunger burned in Henrietta’s stomach. Fireflies danced at the edges of her vision as she forced herself to her feet for the procession. Henrietta’s finest dress was hardly different from any of her others, a patchworks of fabrics so faded that they might as well have all started as beige or brown, even though none of them had.