Closet – Short Story – IDAHoBiT

Charlie opened the wardrobe and sighed at the sight before him. He hadn’t been home in a while, he hadn’t expected to return at all in all honesty. He had hoped he might get a steady job and his own flat, or at least a house share. He pushed at the clothes hangers in front of him. Maybe he should have gone into accountancy like his dad had wanted him to.


Cosplay Basics: Altering plastic props

So I probably could have made a gun and holsters from scratch, but probably not by May MCM (check out my post on cosplaying to a deadline), not to mention that I don’t have a proper cosplay design space here so I just bought a set of guns and holsters.

I don’t take parchment from mortals – short story

A young woman stood abandoned on my doorstep. “What?” I grunted as she took in my appearance. I was a lot to look up to, all 7 feet of me if you measured my horns. The woman looked like a princess – between the crown, gown and wide-eyed terror as she peered at me and held out a piece of parchment. “I don’t take parchment from mortals” I snared. I felt a little bad for snarling, she obviously didn’t want to be here, probably some weird human gift. Occasionally the humans would leave me ‘gifts’ like this. Although the cat they had left in a box on my doorstep labelled “Offering” was still a member of my household. Ring was probably already helping himself to my fresh pie.

Short Deadline Cosplay/1 Month Cosplay

EternityLivesForever and I are gearing up for May MCM which is, as of today, exactly 1 month away. As of yet we haven’t settled on a cosplay plan. We have our Sailor Scouts (Sailor Moon) but we feel like we’ve used them a little too much over the last few conventions we’ve been to. So here are my tips for making a cosplay under a deadline.

How to not be one of “Those” cosplayers

How to not be one of those cosplayers You know the ones. They leave mess wherever they go, they break light fixtures in hotels and harass people on public transport, they’re the ones who throw out “constructive criticism” that’s really just thinly-veiled (or not at all veiled) fatphobia/ racism/ transphobia/ general hatred/other bigotry. You don’t want to be those people. Nobody likes those people. If you are one of those people, or think you might be, there is still time to change your ways.