Cosplay Accuracy vs Comfort

It’s always better to think about when (time of year) and where (country, is the convention indoors or outdoors, will it have a bag area you can leave a coat?) you will be before deciding what cosplay to wear, for example, maybe think through the logic of wearing a Sailor Scout cosplay to an event at the end of November in the UK…


Are You Sober? – Short Story

Living together had its issues though, Cleo had started working as an assistant professor and had therefore started supervising seminars and even giving some lectures but she was still a party animal at heart and occasionally Cleo would go off the rails and get rip-roaringly drunkJo had, on more than one occasion, had to ring the university and excuse Cleo from lectures and teaching. She’d tried to bring it up with Cleo but Cleo would just complain that now even Jo was putting pressure on her, that is wasn’t an issue she just needed to let off steam and that maybe Jo should let off some steam of her own.

Do You Want A Biscuit? – Short Story

He stumbled through the woodland, breaking branches on bruises and broken bones and leaving a splattering of blood behind him from the sword that still stuck out of his ribs. He knew he was leaving a trail but he couldn’t bring himself to care. He found a cavern, shallow, it barely contained his massive form. He cowered in the shadows, cursing how his life had changed.