Pride Collection: The Rogue – short story

Prin glared down at the strange man under her blade. His shocking violet eyes blown wide as he stared up at her. “What did you do with Jim?” she snarled “He’s checking his traps” the man barely whispered. “What do you want? Why are you here? Did you come after me?” Prin’s heart pounded in … Continue reading Pride Collection: The Rogue – short story


Will You Let Me? – Short Story

The Author sighed and put their head in their hands. Melody wasn’t doing what she was supposed to be doing. The Author tried to push her back into the story. If you don’t turn that way you’re going to miss your love interest.

Melody balked up at the Author, shoving their pen out of the way as she chose to turn left, and not right. “I don’t want a love interest!” she harrumphed...