Six Of One – Short Story

“In my culture we generally just have the one wife.” “Are you particularly attached to that practice?” the green armed alien asked “Well…” “Because if you are, you probably shouldn’t have left.” Parr stared after Green Arms as she spun on her heel and stalked off. That was not the introduction she was expecting. “Don’t … Continue reading Six Of One – Short Story


Hatchet Hangover – Short Story

Someone had clearly taken a hatchet to Alric’s head; it was the only real explanation for the pain coursing through him, from his eyes all the way to the top of his skull. That or the amount he had drunk last night.

Heartbreak, Beer, And D&D – Short Story

Pip sniffled, hugging the blanket to their chest. Moving out of Carlos’s place had been hard, moving into Chris’s had been devastating. Chris was sweet but he couldn’t be counted as tactful. He couldn’t help but make his feelings about Carlos and the way he’d treated Pip perfectly painfully clear. Chris couldn’t help but share … Continue reading Heartbreak, Beer, And D&D – Short Story