Arta Harker Vampire Hunter – Short Story

Happy Dracula Day (tomorrow). Have a pseudo-sequel based on Dracula itself and one random Tumblr post that complained that everyone always makes the Van Helsing family line into the vampire hunters despite that not lining up nicely with the actualy narrative and characters in the novel Dracula, and supposing that Jonathan and Mina Harker would be more likely to raise vampire hunting children. Meet their grandkids!


We All Become Our Sires Eventually – Flash Fiction

The wash of warm, coppery lifeblood flowed in a delicious wave over Katerina‚Äôs tongue. The vital pulse of it pressing into her mouth, down her throat even without her needing to do more than have punctured the vein. She could drain this poor human dry with so little effort it would be laughable. She flinched … Continue reading We All Become Our Sires Eventually – Flash Fiction