No, Not Just – Flash Fiction – Whumpril Prompt Fill

It’s Whumpril! I’m not going to fill the entirety of April with whump, but for any Whump event posts I do share (Whumpril, Whumptober, etc) I’ll be using the same base character names (Tri - they/them. Nora - she/her. Salazar - he/him), but these characters will have no relation to the previous story they appeared … Continue reading No, Not Just – Flash Fiction – Whumpril Prompt Fill


I Take It You’re Merry – Short Story – Terya Tales

Merry doesn't want to be a bartender, not really, but she's going to give her new job her all anyway. After all, she has no idea what she wants from life, she's barely registered that she's allowed to want things at all. And, anyway, it's not safe to want things when you're terrified of being found by the people you're hiding from. At least the spell-singer at the bar is friendly.