Piratical Compilation – Talk Like A Pirate Day

For this Talk Like A Pirate Day I'm keeping things simple. A compilation of all the pirate stories I've written so far. A quick note that some of these stories are from a long time back, back when I didn't know better and I hope I've improved. But there's often scarce pirate fiction to be found, so let's make the best of what we have.


Having a Ball – Short Story

Ilona’s eyes roamed the ballroom as she moved gracefully with Duke Something-or-other. He had asked her to dance because, to the patrons of the ball, she was exotic and beautiful, and because she was a curiosity. Being seen dancing with her would allow the Duke to become the centre of attention for at least a short while. For Ilona it cemented her position at the ball.

You Naval Types Are Always The Same – Short Story

“You naval types are always the same” the pirate captain said “too proud until you’ve been hung out on deck and lashed with no food and water for a week”

The naval captain kept their gaze straight ahead, jaw clenched.

The pirate captain grabbed a fistful of his hair, pulling his head back, lips pressing against the navy commodore’s ear. “Or maybe I’ll just start with your crew. Make you watch one of them walk the plank each time you don’t give me what I want. Perhaps both. What do you think?”

Question? – Short Story

Izzy had been captured by Pirates almost a week ago now. She had been trussed up and tied in some room or other, blindfolded. She supposed these bandits or pirates or whoever they were would want to ransom her back to her family, unfortunately for them all Izzy’s family was a lot poorer than they had been making out.