As Long As I’m Human – Short Story

Waking to an empty bed first had me reaching out to search for her warmth. Meeting only coldness I lifted my head to look in the direction of the bathroom for a light. Upon finding no light I sat up in bed. The house remained silent, dark, and cold. No sign of another living being. … Continue reading As Long As I’m Human – Short Story


An Apparently Foolish Plan- Short Story

“Alfred, hold on” Harry cried, trying to staunch the bleeding. Alfred smiled up at Harry, reaching out to touch his face.

“It’s not going to work sweetness”

“Please! Don’t leave me! We can get through this”

“Even if I could sweetness, we’ve been found out. Go. Live your life the way we wanted to together.”

Harry had never moved on, not really. In the 75 years he’d lived without Alfred, he’d seen the world change, adapt, and grow but he’d never got over Alfred.

Question? – Short Story

Izzy had been captured by Pirates almost a week ago now. She had been trussed up and tied in some room or other, blindfolded. She supposed these bandits or pirates or whoever they were would want to ransom her back to her family, unfortunately for them all Izzy’s family was a lot poorer than they had been making out.