Six Of One – Short Story

“In my culture we generally just have the one wife.” “Are you particularly attached to that practice?” the green armed alien asked “Well…” “Because if you are, you probably shouldn’t have left.” Parr stared after Green Arms as she spun on her heel and stalked off. That was not the introduction she was expecting. “Don’t … Continue reading Six Of One – Short Story


More Than Anything – Short Story

Leah flicked the switch to send the ‘request to land’ message to the base, not bothering to check whether she got the okay. She tried not to rush through the steps to acclimatize the ship to entering the atmosphere. Changing a setting too soon could result in irreparable damage to the ship or to her.

Welcome To Crisis – Short Story – “Welcome” Series Part 4

“So how did you join the Resistance?” Ravi asked Petite. The strain evident on his face as he navigated out of H for H space belied the casual tone of his voice but he’d noticed Petite’s leg bouncing, the stress emanating from her. Blue might be dying, the Resistance weren’t sure if they would help, whether the value of Petite’s engineering experience and the information they had been sent out to gather were worth the risk of helping.

Welcome To Reset – Short Story – “Welcome” Series Part 3

The voice faded in and out of comprehension for a moment as Blue adjusted to the latest reboot. Blue had always been slow after a restart, something about being Gen Alpha-3 and being a non-typical service-bot. It was always worse after allowing their power cells to drain too far. “Petite?” Blue managed to ask around lips they couldn’t quite feel.

A long moment of silence followed the question. Blue’s memory started to kick in. No, Petite wouldn’t be here. Blue had sent her away to be safe. Back to the ‘ship, back to Ravi. Blue hoped that Ravi and Petite had managed to get away.

Welcome To Your New Life – Short Story – “Welcome” Series Part 1

Ravi gasped. Pain flared through him. Vision blurred in the sudden bright lights. It took him a long moment to register the hands holding him down. Combat training kicked in.

By the time Ravi’s vision had cleared he was holding the Re-An doctor pinned to the small table of instruments. Ravi stumbled back. His right hand didn’t seem to want to obey him. Bumping into the hospital bed, his right leg crumpled under him.