Inconvenient At Best – Short Story

Ish chewed on her lip, staring at her roughed up reflection in the one way mirror. She wondered if a police officer stood on the other side. The thought of being watched had her heart trying to break out of her chest. She put her fingernails in her mouth to chew on, the solidness of … Continue reading Inconvenient At Best – Short Story


Friendly Neighbourhood Bandit – Short Story

“Hello, I’m your friendly neighbourhood bandit. I’d like all of your jewels and possessions of value now, please.” The bandit smiled up at the nobles inside the carriage, not that they could likely tell since the bandit had a scarf wrapped around the lower half of their face. The Lord reared back – at least … Continue reading Friendly Neighbourhood Bandit – Short Story

It’s Difficult To Argue With The Dead – Short Story

It’s difficult to argue with someone once they’re dead. Difficult but not impossible, if you find the right necromancer. I found one such practitioner. Not a cheap person to hire but the reviews were too clear to argue with. The necromancer stood over the grave with an assortment of mystical goods. “Do you want me … Continue reading It’s Difficult To Argue With The Dead – Short Story