I’m Broken, You’re A Werewolf – Short Story

She grimaced as she tried to down the disgusting beverage currently attempting to be disguised as tea. “Any better?” Beth asked Kelly’s laugh was harsh and without humour. “That’s a no then” Beth sighed, as Kelly downed the remainder of the teacup. “It definitely felt more fancy” Kelly offered, putting the teapot and other things … Continue reading I’m Broken, You’re A Werewolf – Short Story


We Have A Problem – Short Story

"We have a problem” Alexander grabbed Nyx on xyr way out of xyr hotel room


“I” Alexander glanced around. The corridor was deserted but it felt too exposed to be discussing things of a supernatural nature. Not to mention Leather Jacket (“or just Lauren is fine” she’d corrected repeatedly to no avail) could emerge from her room at any moment and she had an intense vendetta against any action that she saw as being to the detriment of humanity.

You Killed My Wife – Short Story

Kiril was disappointed by the lack of reaction to his presence. He was disappointed in himself for not hearing keys in the lock and therefore not being ready to make his Grand Entrance, such as it was.
“What do you want?” the tired looking human asked.
Kiril pointed his clawed finger at them “you killed my wife!” he bellowed

Cubed – Short Story

Xe stepped up to the microphone. The lights lit up the stage. The rest of the band started to play and xe opened xyr mouth to sing. Their choreography was perfect, as it was every performance. Each member of the band was so in sync with one another. Xe let xyr hair fly around and xyr hips move like liquid. Xe caressed the microphone and let the waves of pleasure energy wash over xem.

Once the set was over xe grinned at xyr bandmates. Alexander, the bassist was letting the energy rush settle before he headed to pack away the amp. Sinta, the drummer was already lifting the heaviest of her equipment, the power rush would only last so long and she liked to move her drums before she was back to regular strength. Harry, the lead guitarist was kissing his boyfriend, sharing the energy rush with his human.  

An Apparently Foolish Plan- Short Story

“Alfred, hold on” Harry cried, trying to staunch the bleeding. Alfred smiled up at Harry, reaching out to touch his face.

“It’s not going to work sweetness”

“Please! Don’t leave me! We can get through this”

“Even if I could sweetness, we’ve been found out. Go. Live your life the way we wanted to together.”

Harry had never moved on, not really. In the 75 years he’d lived without Alfred, he’d seen the world change, adapt, and grow but he’d never got over Alfred.

Short Story: Curse Sensory Technology

While many things humans believed about vampires weren’t true, such as the ability to see in the pitch black that now shrouded the bathroom, some things were true. She had read recently a human hypothesis that a vampire would appear in mirrors and to sensors now as they did not contain silver, however, much to her distaste, this was not true.

Short Story: Witch’s Brew

“Americano with a shot of attractiveness”
“I need whatever with a shot of patience”
“I’ll take a mocha with a shot of luck” he rearranged his suit jacket for the third time since entering the coffee shop. Katya nodded and set her machines working, it only took a little concentration to keep the coffee shop running by herself since magic was exposed.