Wolf’s Bounty – Short Story

Serena was the best bounty hunter in the county. Part of it was her PI license, part of it was her friendly relationship with the police force, and part of it… well that was what she would describe aloud as her instinct.  And it was that instinct that had led Serena to this particular conclusion for this particular case.


We Have A Problem – Short Story

"We have a problem” Alexander grabbed Nyx on xyr way out of xyr hotel room


“I” Alexander glanced around. The corridor was deserted but it felt too exposed to be discussing things of a supernatural nature. Not to mention Leather Jacket (“or just Lauren is fine” she’d corrected repeatedly to no avail) could emerge from her room at any moment and she had an intense vendetta against any action that she saw as being to the detriment of humanity.

Healing – Short Story

My lips burned with the taste. Enchanted potions always tasted the way nettle stings felt. The pain blooming across my stomach, matching the red stain growing on my shirt, intensified for a long moment. I bit my lower lip to keep from crying out, tasting once again the foul layers of healing potion, now mixing with the blood and sweat.

Who Would Ever Have Guessed – Short Story

“Your Soulmates name is written on your wrist.” It’s a sentence we’ve all heard a thousand times. It sucks for people who have really common names on their forearms, making their soulmate that much harder to find, although at least they’re not demonised for casual dating. Maybe it’s silly but I’ve never really agreed with the idea that you shouldn’t date, shouldn’t explore relationships with people other than your soulmate.

Closet – Short Story – IDAHoBiT

Charlie opened the wardrobe and sighed at the sight before him. He hadn’t been home in a while, he hadn’t expected to return at all in all honesty. He had hoped he might get a steady job and his own flat, or at least a house share. He pushed at the clothes hangers in front of him. Maybe he should have gone into accountancy like his dad had wanted him to.